what we do

Dakota Foundry, Inc., has a rich history in north eastern South Dakota. Employing many people from Day County and surrounding areas, Dakota Foundry has over 200 years of combined foundry business experience. Located in the heart of the Prairie Coteau region, the area is a mecca for hunting and fishing.

At Dakota Foundry, experience is plentiful. Our iron casting production personnel have over 200 years of combined experience in the Foundry business. This experience spans the areas of No-bake molding, greensand molding, cupola melt, pattern maintenance, core making, casting cleaning, grinding, and finishing, just to name a few. Our management team has over 90 years of combined experience in various business aspects and over 30 years in business experience specific to the foundry industry. With our background, you can be assured that your casting needs are in good hands.

our advantages



Fastest turn-Around:

Over the years we have built our reputation as being not only a producer of top quality castings but also delivering the fastest turn around in the country. And we don’t just say it…we prove it. Our team model starts at understanding your casting needs the following through to expert pattern making on to actual casting. By having control of the complete process we can speed our lead times versus competitive foundries. Our value added services are organized so that you place one order for one finished product. We take care of the rest.


We often hear the phrase “mail order foundry”. The first order is great, second order is so-so, and the third order you are unable to express your concerns to a human being on the other end. By being a domestic based foundry using domestic inputs, we are able to maintain the utmost consistency of product per your specified requests. From our in-house lab to constant quality checks throughout the casting process, you can have confidence in receiving consistent quality product time after time.


The key to a successful project is communication. We view our customers as partners from initial concept to beyond the finished product. This full service and consultative approach insures meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations for casting needs. From the concept to the pattern, to the casting, to the finished product’s approval and beyond, you can be assured of our dedication to your satisfaction.


Our company's commitment to lean manufacturing led us to implement an inventory reduction program saving us money. Less inventory means our casting supplier must consistently deliver on-time and respond to our needs quickly. Simply put, Dakota Foundry gets it done.

Greg Heier,   Hub City

Working with DFI is like having a partnership with friends in the foundry business. They do whatever it takes to deliver quality product when you need it, at a fair price. Their pride and years of experience shows in every casting produced. It is a real pleasure to work with them.

Pete Gallup,   Purchasing Manager New Hampton Metal Fab